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So I've been here in the US for two weeks and I've entered into multiple new fandoms and it's kind of scaring me XD I mean I got into Harry Potter in 2001, my next fandom (High School Musical) didn't come til 2008 and now Jonas Brothers at the start of this year. But suddenly, 136daysafter and friend Michelle are getting me to watch Supernatural, and D and I are watching True Blood, and I've been watching Wizards of Waverly Place on the Disney Channel because, face it, even HAVING the Disney Channel is a freaking novelty.

But it means that now half my time is spent watching TV. Which I guess is fun, because I'm watching it WITH people. Going "OH MY GOD SHE'S POSSESSED!" and laughing with D and M, which is great, because I've never done that before.

Anyway. So D and I just got done with Season 3 Disc 2 tonight and my tweet immediately afterwards said this: "Just finished Season 3, Disc 2 of Supernatural. What the eff is Bella's problem? Why are all Bellas so annoying? At least Gordon's dead..."

I really think that sums it up.

Also, I set up an iTunes account for the US store. I'm hoping to purchase Dollhouse and download it at the college campus where D goes to school, since she has dialup at home which is not conducive to even looking at pictures on Facebook, let alone downloading video.

I'll keep you updated fandom-wise - after all, this is my fandom journal - as much as possible. Which will probably be more often than usual because I don't use Skype or any IM any more, really. I spend a lot of time on LJ, the only thing is that it's not posting anything of my own, it's reading fanfics. I have WRITTEN a couple, but I'm still kind of too chicken to post them. At least D doesn't check up on my browser history and get judgmental XDDD Yay.