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In Which I Actually Update!

It's been months, I know. I'm sorry. I figured it out though - it's because I tweet and Facebook all the time, that constant stream-of-consciousness feels like it should keep people up to date on EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of my life, so everything more in-depth falls by the wayside. So much of it is "OMG I'M READING THIS AWESOME FANFIC!" or "OMG I MISSED THE BUS - AGAIN" or "Oh wow, I'm late because I totally sat and did the Bible reading on my checklist today" (there are a bunch of checklists in the back of the Bible Jenn got me so I'm working through one, I just started with it but today there were two separate readings and so I wasn't expecting it to take so long XD but I only missed one bus, I was still on time to class, and I got to read about Jacob. So it was pretty rad.)

And Facebook is mostly pointless surveys or commenting on other people's statuses. But Twitter is fun because it's like a continuous conversation with friends, and I like feeling connected.

Anyway, I realised just now that - duh - I can sort the people whose LJ updates I actually WANT to read into a custom group. So now I have "Fic" and "Raddest of the Rad" groups. The former is for fanfic communities/writers I like, and the latter is for people I love.

The last posting date to the US/Canada is the 10th of December. It is now officially the 28th of November. I'm getting concerned. I am buying Christmas/Hannukah presents, at least a little thing for everyone that I stayed with, and Danielle gets a bigger box of goodies - (1) because she let me stay with her for TWO FREAKIN MONTHS and (2) because she's just so rad. I have maybe half of the American ones, or more, and I have a little more leeway on the UK ones, not least because most of them are coming to the Snow Ball so I don't need to worry about postage :-) My Christmas-and-holiday supplies are taking over my bedroom, my auntie gave me a bunch of charity cards she bought (she is an avid supporter of many animal charities) but wasn't going to use, I bought a roll of Christmas paper to supplement my mum's extensive collection and a roll of owl wrapping paper for those who don't celebrate Christmas, as well as some little gimmicky things because, well, I'm me. I still need something to put in the envelopes though, because Christmas confetti is SO LAST YEAR but if I buy any more candy canes (I am supplying 100+ for the Snow Ball, last year it became my trademark THING) I will a) run out of space and b) go completely insane. Do you good LJ-ers have any ideas?

Finally, I had a migraine today and it was horrible. I've only had them like twice before but/so UGH. My vision went funny in my Cultural Geography class - you know like when someone takes a picture and the flash is burned on your retina for a few seconds? Like that, but multiple spots of it - and it was hard to focus on the lecture slides, but I figured it might be my contact lenses acting up. Actually I was scared for a minute it might be a psychiatric thing, I've had one other thing like that and it was more hallucinatory (while not ON anything, I hasten to add) and it scared the crap out of me. But on the bus home I started feeling really sick and getting a blinding headache. So it was reassuring sort of, but awful. I went straight to bed when I got home, and I've been in a foul mood all night, even though the headache was mostly gone when I woke up. Ugh.

...Sorry this was so long. I'll put it behind a cut to save your f-lists, if I'm still on anybody's. I'm sorry, I really do plan to update more. I miss this kind of writing. It's not the same trying to share your life in 140 characters.

PS. I totally did the cut right first time. That NEVER happens. Oh 1am, you're so good to me <3


You can sort LJ updates? That explains why I never hear from some of my old LJ friends -- I really need to get back to fanfic writing again ...
You can indeed. Log in then go to Friends -> Manage Custom Groups. Then you'll be able to Filter Friends List just to display one or two or however many custom groups :)
I see. I think I'll pass on doing it myself, though ... once I get a friend on LJ, I tend to treat them as real friends and take a look at everything they post -- even when I don't have time to respond. I know that's a little unreasonable for people I've never even met, but I guess it's just how I'm wired.
Well my problem is that I am a member of a zillion communities and I don't want to unwatch them but I get so bogged down in them I lose proper friends' entries in my flist. So this way I can have a separate list for people I want to read entries by, so that it doesn't get all lost in the community entries!

...I'm a RAVENCLAW, you know. *nods proudly*

go, Ravenclaw!

I know what you mean -- there comes a time when we have to cut back on that information overload somehow.

Re: go, Ravenclaw!

I'm a fan of information overload - I'm addicted to Twitter XDDD

But yeah, I never wanted all those and I'm too lazy to go around removing the "watch this community" ticks so this is a welcome thing for me! YAY FILTERS.

Re: go, Ravenclaw!

Someday I should be so organized!
Awwwwwww. I haven't heard from you in forever, how ARE you?!?!

I came up with an idea for the envelopes. I have some mixed shiny confetti shapes and also something so totally awesome I can't even discuss it here *secretive*

The Snow Ball is going to be this year's Yule Ball event, it's on Friday December 18th in Edinburgh and people are coming from various parts of Europe and also AMERICA. ALEX CARPENTER IS PLAYING. I'm going to be giving out candy canes, taking tickets and stuff. It's going to be freaking rad.

Who else is playing: Split Seven Ways, RiddleTM, The Black Sisters, Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons :-D

Can I tempt you? Can I? (A bunch of us are totally staying in a hostel and you'd be welcome to join. That DOES include Alex, btw, if that's any more of an incentive ;-) )

And IKR. Alex is fun. And whaaat, the UK has wrock. Not as MUCH I'll grant you, but there was a big event in London in June! I couldn't go because I was in the US, but still. Maybe it's just a matter of knowing the right people so you know when the events are on? I guess i was pretty lucky in that regard :)
I approve of being THE OPERATOR YOU CAN CALL AT ANY TIME (sorry I had a Pink flashback right then. "I'll be your connection to the party liiiiine")

...ahem :-P And yeah, there ARE more wrock fans in North America, but there are also more PEOPLE there lol. They tend to be more...enthusiastic. But we're getting there ;-) You should try to come to the next event, I'll let you know as soon as I hear of anything. It'll probably be in England. Most likely :)