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The Snow Ball is being held on Friday in Edinburgh and I'm VERY excited about it. If I keep feeling like I am right now I will be VERY fun this weekend. And I like being fun :) I told Gary that earlier and he was like "What do you mean, fun?" and I couldn't exactly define it. But, you know. Fun. *shrug* XD

I get to meet Oli's fiance Janae for the first time, about which I am also very excited. And I get to see David again! I don't think you understand the hype that comes up before seeing David. EVERY time we saw each other at Wrockstock we had to hug. Multiple times. Going from seeing him like five times in a five month period and then only in March and not again until NOVEMBER did NOT work for me. And he's GOING AWAY. He's moving to America in September! I am NOT HAPPY. Well, actually, I'm very happy that he's marrying Justine, because she is adorable and if there is anyone joining our UK fandom family, I'm super glad it's someone as awesome as her. But I'm going to miss him!!

If James moves away any time soon I may have to cut a bitch. Jsyk.

I'm wondering whether or not I should write a Wrockstock summary. Much of it involved being illegally drunk and some other questionable things so I don't even know if I should do it and just heavily filter it or actually do a 'harmless' one and a more bare-all one. Or if I should do one at all, though I keep wanting to make references and nobody gets them because I didn't explain them in a note anywhere XD My last year's summary was like 16 pages long, no lie. This one would be shorter. I promise :-P

Anyway. I've been wearing the shirts I got at Wrockstock and that's keeping me very happy right now. Also my Old Navy pyjama pants are boss and comfy and I love them.

I am getting my hair cut on Thursday for the first time since I went to America (so like, 4th June or so) and this is very exciting. However, my hairdresser intimidates the hell out of me so it probably won't be what I want, again. Sigh.

I am knee-deep in AU, RPF, slash fiction. With ICE SKATING. Instead of working on my sodamnskippy fic exchange story. *facepalm* I can't even help it. The plot bunny REFUSED TO LEAVE ME ALONE. So now I'm writing a story with Kevin and Mike and ICE SKATING. I blame skoosiepants and also the JB/BoB crossover where Joe and Luz are competing in American Idol with a bunch of Disney kids, okay???

Oooh, also, on Friday I get to go visit the BBC at Pacific Quay in Glasgow before I go to Edinburgh! That's ALSO exciting!!!!

Man, everything is happening at once. And I'm SUPPOSED to be working on my dissertation. Goodness knows THAT isn't happening. I really need to knuckle down over the break. At least I have questionnaire responses to work from, too.

Finally, Formspring is also taking over my life (um, and my Twitter). People are getting pissed so I gotta turn off automatic-tweeting of answers XD but answering questions about yourself from anonymous people? yeah, it's totally addictive. Web developers know our weaknesses!!!