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Lauren's Fandom and Creative Journal

"So musical a discord, such sweet thunder"

29 January 1989
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Hey, my name is Lauren and I'm 23. This is basically old enough to do anything except rent a car in America, so I'm pretty cool with that.

My main fandoms are Harry Potter, High School Musical, Star Trek (mostly the Reboot stuff, ngl), the Jonas Brothers and bandom in general. I love to read slash fanfiction, and I totally ship Harry/Draco (and Albus Severus/Scorpius, when it comes to that) Chad/Ryan, and Kirk/McCoy respectively. Oh and Kevin Jonas/Mike Carden. I don't care if they've never actually met. Livejournal does things to your brain.

I don't quite know what else to say. I love tea, and chocolate, and Hello Kitty, and books, and music...I totally heart music. Just about any music really - my iPod is a treasure trove and everyone finds SOMETHING they like on it :) Of course that doesn't stop them criticising everything else! Current guilty pleasures include Cody Simpson and Carly Rae Jepsen...but my top 25 most played includes 12 My Chemical Romance tracks, so xD

Basically this journal is for fandom and icons and geekiness like that. However, if real life creeps in sometimes, I apologise :P I do intend to keep most of the 'real life' stuff in a blog, but it's rarely updated. Maybe when I start actually like, doing stuff XD

Also, I'm a Ravenclaw. See below. But I do have some Hufflepuff tendencies. My friend and unbiological sister Danielle (dmer_wrocks and I have decided that's just what Wrockstock does to you, and it doesn't mean we're Hufflepuffs really :-P

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Date Created:01-11-2005
Number of Posts: 18

Lauren is young, full of ideas and obsesses easily. She loves Harry Potter and is sure she belongs in Ravenclaw, and that one day she will get a letter telling her she has earned a place at Hogwarts, and it has just been lost in the mail for a few years. Well, more than a few.
Strengths: Friendly, talkative, and open-minded. Can hold a sensible conversation with adults. Will text at all hours of the day and night (unless asleep).
Weaknesses: Naive, long-winded and stubborn. Also known on occasion to be lazy. Love of chocolate.
Special Skills: Writing, research, conversation, tea-making, eagerness to read almost any printed matter around, recommending books.
Weapons: Typewriter, the lethal "Vein Squeezer" move patented in primary seven (and used to great effect on MT!), acerbic wit, oddly wide general knowledge.
Ambitions: To make a difference, to publish a book, and to own a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes with the pretty scarlet soles.

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